Meet Your Trainers

Professional Trainers

As a leader and innovator in ABA-based services, we know our stuff when it comes to teaching using the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis.

We’ve spent over 15 years learning, teaching, and growing to support families of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental exceptionalities. We’re experts, and we know that sharing our knowledge with professionals, parents, caregivers, and our community is the best way forward. With extensive clinical experience and a team of professionals, we created alphabeePRO to grow our in-clinic and in-home practice into a comprehensive training platform for those who want to know more.

Laura Dignard M.ADS, BCBA

Jenny Vienneau MPEd, BCBA

Bradey Schrock BCaBA

Shauna Vanderslot M.ADS, BCBA

Dana Pettus M.ADS, BCBA

Lisa Kota M.ADS, BCBA

Samantha Pardy M.ADS, BCBA

Navdeep Sahota M.ADS, BCBA

Nicola MacDonald M.ADS, BCBA

Lauren Sugar M.ADS, BCBA

Nona Davis MT, BCBA

Xena Arivantis M.ADS, BCBA