Talking to Parents about Autism Spectrum Disorder


We all want the very best for our young learners. This panel discussion addresses how to identify when a child is not meeting developmental milestones and how to address your concerns with parents.

Course Description

Sometimes wanting the best for your young learners means having tough conversations. In this discussion, you will hear from ABA clinicians on their experiences in speaking to families and caregivers about Autism Spectrum Disorder. You will also learn about the developmental milestones and key indicators to look out for in young children. Informing a parent about their child’s progress can be challenging - in this discussion, you will hear tips on how to approach the conversation with a parent, how to advocate for early screening and general strategies you can use to support the child in your environment.

This course also provides a list of resources that are available for families to get a diagnosis and a developmental milestones map.

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