Establishing Balance: A Home-based Parent Training Program Developed by FTF Behavioral Consulting


Hear from our clinical panel on tips to establish balance in your home. The AlphaBee clinical team has been successful in implementing the Balance Program, developed by FTF Behavioral Consulting, with families and caregivers. In this panel discussion, they will share their experiences and tips on implementing this home-based parent training with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Course Description

In this 30-minute panel discussion, you will hear from ABA clinicians and their experiences implementing the Balance Program developed by FTF Behavioral Consulting. This parent training program works towards building a positive parent-child relationship while increasing communication and teaching your child that problem behaviour is not necessary to gain access to preferred items or activities. Our panellists have successfully supported families through this process to develop important skills like communication, toleration and cooperation.

Other goals of this program include:

  • Promoting shared control of activities and interactions
  • Teaching both parents and children with ASD to be available for interactions
  • Providing children with ASD the hope that unpleasant situations have an end and good things follow good behaviour
  • Preparing children with ASD for real-world disappointments and uncertainties

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