AlphaBee’s 11th Annual Conference – Navigating Independence: Assessing and Teaching Functional Life Skills in Youth and Adolescents


This LIVE two-day online conference will contain five presentations on a range of topics covering assessments, problem solving, and implementation of essential life skills. You will also learn to better understand your own as well as your clients mental health. Join our ABA experts, Troy Fry, Maeve G. Donnelly, and Valori Neiger, alongside Sexual Health Promoter Deanna Djos and Peter Scarlett, registered Psychotherapist and Social Worker, for this comprehensive and empowering conference focused on enhancing mental health, well-being, and sexual health education.

10.5 CEUs Available for BCBAs & BCaBAs!

Join us for AlphaBee’s 11th Annual ABA Conference, hosted virtually through the alphabeePRO training platform.

This year’s conference we bring together an array of experts and practitioners in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), sexual health, and mental health to explore strategies for addressing the complex needs of youth and adolescents. The focus is on a holistic and compassionate approach, emphasizing the importance of clinical judgement in identifying and prioritizing the most vital needs of clients. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your practice and be at the forefront of compassionate ABA care.


Conference Dates

Day 1:

Thursday, October 3, 2024 (9AM — 5:00PM EDT)

Day 2:

Friday, October 4, 2024 (9AM — 5:00PM EDT)

Conference Outline

Day 1 — October 3rd, 2024

The first day of the conference focuses on two presentations:


Maeve Donnelly - “Overcoming Barriers to Independent Toileting and Hygiene Skills” (3.5 CEUs)


Children and adolescents with developmental disabilities often remain dependent on caregivers and other adults when it comes to toileting and personal hygiene tasks. This presentation will describe best practice for applying behaviour analytic technology to teach toileting and personal hygiene skills, followed by a discussion of potential barriers to independence given these approaches. Case examples will illustrate problem-solving strategies and application of research-informed solutions to reduce barriers and promote skill acquisition.


Valori Neiger - "Let’s get savvy on mealtime interventions: A review of ethical and approachable strategies for home and community BCBAs" (1 Ethics, 2 Learning CEUs)


Stay tuned for more ... presentation details to come soon!



Day 2 — October 4th, 2024

The second day of the conference focuses on three presentations


Deanna Djos - “Empowering Sex-Esteem is Abuse Prevention”

Sexual Health Promoter

In her presentation - "Empowering Sex-Esteem is Abuse Prevention" - Deanna Djos emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, self-love, and celebrating one's sexuality as key elements in preventing abuse. She provides practical tools and resources to help individuals advocate for themselves assertively, underscoring that knowledge and access to sex education are fundamental human rights.


Peter Scarlett - “Understanding the Origins of our Traumas”

Registered Psychotherapist, Registered Social Worker, CCC, C-OAMHP

“The Origins of Our Traumas” demonstrates how past trauma can affect frontline workers, family members, caregivers and the children that depend on our support. This presentation will promote the understanding of trauma and how it impacts our present day functioning. Areas of examination will include: common ways trauma has been stigmatized, brain biology of trauma, and coping strategies to manage trauma in ourselves and others.


Troy Fry - Fostering independence and self-determination in adolescents with ASD (2.5 CEUs)

CEO, CCO EFL Co-Author of EFL Managing Partner, Essential For Living, P.A.

Troy Fry, a renowned expert in ABA and autism intervention, will deliver an inspiring address highlighting the importance of fostering independence and autonomy in adolescents with ASD. Drawing from his extensive experience, Troy will share strategies for promoting skill acquisition and self-determination.


Ethics in Applied Behaviour Analysis: Balancing Compassion and Clinical Judgement - (1 Ethics, 0.5 Learning CEU)

Following the presentations, the speakers will engage with the audience in a dynamic discussion on best practices, challenges, and emerging trends in ABA interventions for enhancing life skills in adolescents with ASD. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and gain valuable insights from the panellists' expertise.



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Group Registration

To register your team for the conference:

  • The group must be registered in one (1) transaction through alphabeePRO's website.
  • Group leader must add the full names of ALL attendees in their group along with their emails and BACB number (if applicable) in the Notes section of their order

Each attendee will receive their own alphabeePRO account and separate access to the conference materials. If you are reserving a conference spot on behalf of someone else (e.g. a colleague or employee), please email for further steps.


10.5 CEUs Available

Over the two day span of the conference, participants will receive 10.5 BACB CEUs (8.5 Learning and 2 Ethics) for attending. Attendees will be required to sign in and out each day, attend the workshop in full, and complete the course evaluation in order to earn full CEU credit.

This course is designed for those who have or are pursuing BCBA/BCaBA/RBT certification and who have an understanding of ABA. Educators, other professionals, and those whose role uses ABA to design and implement programming to decrease behaviours and increase skill acquisition of individuals with autism and/or speech production issues may benefit from this course. The Behaviour Analyst Certification Board (BACB) has approved AlphaBee as an Authorized Continuing Education (ACE) Provider.

Refund Policy

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  • Substitutions may be made. Webinar access is transferable.

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