What’s Next? Transitioning into Adulthood


You might have heard the saying ‘children with Autism turn into adults with Autism’. In this panel discussion, you will hear from ABA clinicians about some key considerations as you prepare for your child to become an adult and what post-school success may look like. This panel will touch upon various living options, community skills and potential employment opportunities

Course Description

As children with Autism Spectrum Disorder transition into adolescence and then adulthood there are a number of factors a parent or caregiver considers in making the best decision for their child. Early planning, asking lots of questions and seeking additional support are all a part of the transition process. In this 40-minute discussion, ABA clinicians will highlight some important areas of consideration as you prepare for the transition into adulthood. They will speak to the various living options available to individuals on the spectrum, what meaningful community involvement may look like and what potential employment opportunities are available. The panel will also address key skills to work on early on which aid with independence in adulthood.

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