What to Expect When Starting ABA Therapy


Parents will learn what to expect when starting ABA therapy, providing a comprehensive look at all the elements of an ABA session. From intake to assessment to teaching sessions, this course will review what ABA therapy is and how we aim to teach skills, increase functional behaviours, and reduce problem behaviours in each ABA session.

Course Description

Starting ABA therapy for the first time can be overwhelming, especially if ABA is unfamiliar. This course will explain what ABA is, focusing on what we teach and how we teach, the process for beginning service, the clinical team involved, the intake process and assessment, and the components of an ABA session. We will review how play, direct teaching, data collection, and behaviour reduction strategies are implemented in session, and what you can expect for home-based vs. centre-based sessions. This comprehensive look into ABA therapy will give parents an understanding of what’s anticipated when starting this new service.

Participants will:

  • Understand what ABA is and what skills we aim to teach
  • Review the intake process and the members of the clinical team
  • Understand the assessment process
  • Review the components of an ABA session
  • Learn about how we review and monitor client progress

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