Reinforcement: What is it? Why is it Important and How to Use It?


This course teaches what reinforcement is and why reinforcement is key to increasing behaviour and teaching new skills. It also highlights that reinforcers are individualized and can change. Using this knowledge the course shows us how to identify your child’s reinforcers, maintain control over them, and use them to teach and maintain new skills.

Course Description

What is reinforcement and why is it so important? In this presentation we teach you what reinforcement is and describe why reinforcement is important to use when teaching children. Many children engage in unwanted behaviours and struggle to learn new skills.

This presentation provides common examples of how Positive Reinforcement and Negative Reinforcement can be used to increase new and appropriate behaviours. In addition, this presentation also describes comprehensively how to identify potential reinforcers. Lastly, this presentation describes how to use differential reinforcement and establish contingencies to promote a decrease in unwanted behaviours while increasing wanted behaviours. Reinforcement is key to teaching skills and this presentation outlines how to use reinforcement to your advantage when teaching your child.


Participants will

  • Describe reinforcement
  • Describe why reinforcement is important
  • Understand what Negative and Positive Reinforcement are and the differences between them
  • Describe 2-3 common examples of Negative and Positive Reinforcement
  • Understand how to use Negative and Positive Reinforcement to increase behaviour

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