How to Engage Children Virtually and Trick Them Into Learning in the Process


Remote learning has become the new way of life for us all. While children and youth may enjoy online platforms for playing games, this has also become a learning environment for many. With this change has come the challenges of keeping learners socially engaged with their peers and developing essential social skills that are required for face-to-face interactions. This course will provide guidance on how to develop an online social skills group.

Course Description

Given the growing online platform for learning, remote education seems to be an enduring part of the lives of our children. With that, comes the increasing difficulties with keeping children engaged while online in a group setting. This presentation will go through several techniques for creating interactive and educational activities while teaching over a remote platform (i.e. Zoom) including how to adapt behavioural skills training (BST) to an online environment. You will also get lots of ideas for fun activities and games which you can play remotely and get ideas on how to teach skills through those activities. Additionally, you will receive several digital activities that you can apply directly to your online social skills group, classroom, individual session or summer camp.


Participants will

  • Learn how to create appropriate matches of participants for remote learning
  • Learn how to apply the BST model to a remote group learning setting
  • Get links for several resources that you can use to find ideas for remote learning activities
  • Receive digital resources for teaching activities

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